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Ultrasonic synthetic fabrics weaving for non-woven items has never been so simple.

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Weaving can be for both 100% synthetic or blended fabrics. The latter can be composed of up to 40% natural fibers. Whether it is acrylics, acetates, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, PVC or spandex, they are all suitable for weaving or slicing using ultrasonics.

The more synthetic materials a component has, the easier it is to cut and weave with ultrasounds, even very thick, 2000 GSM drapes.

Sonic Italia designs and manufactures ultrasonic meshing equipment for fabrics in the technical, filtration, clothing and medical goods industries. We produce standard solutions and modules that can be integrated into semi or fully automated assembly lines.

Ultrasonic synthetic fabrics weaving may be continuous, with rotary binding sections or step by step systems built into pneumatic actuators.

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Advantages of ultrasonic synthetic fabrics weaving

The rotatory weaving method acts like a sewing machine, producing a continuous seam. These welding machines for synthetic textiles uses the principle of friction between fabrics: using a patterned roller and a vibrating sonotrode, it guarantees an unparalleled stability and weaving continuity.

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Some of the benefits of using ultrasounds in synthetic fabrics are as follows:

  • It gets rid of thermal distortion of non-woven fabrics while keeping softness and permeability of the material;
  • Lamination allows for adhesion of components with different melting points;
  • Low environmental impact when producing laminates. They don’t require any adhesives or consumables, which makes them entirely recyclable;
  • Consistent binding quality, even if it has several layers of different types of fabrics or when intermittent weaving is done in a transversal direction;
  • This technology for nonwoven synthetic fabrics requires no waiting times, are easy and quick to set up, and consumes low energy;
  • A considerable reduction of waste disposal costs after starting and witching off said machinery;
  • High productivity speeds.

More information about synthetic fabrics weaving using ultrasounds

Sonic Italia is a world-renowned market leader in cutting and weaving all kinds of synthetic materials and fabrics. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to clear any doubt you might have.

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Nonwovens ultrasonic welding
Solutions for non-woven fabrics. They can be for 100% synthetic polymers or blends.

Plastic assembly systems
Ultrasonic plastics assembly is used when  high aesthetic quality production speeds are required.

Ultrasonic synthetic fabrics weaving
Customized weaving solutions for synthetic fabrics and non-wovens.

Ultrasonic cutting
State of the art equipment for any possible need.

Ultrasonic food cutting
High frequency blades for versatile food portioning.

Ultrasonic hermetic welding
Ultrasound generates friction heat and allows the sealing process from within the plastic film.

Ultrasonic sewing machine
This weaving process is versatile – it allows to seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss, or cut and seal simultaneously.

Ultrasonic slicers
Systems integrated in semi or fully automated slicers.

Ultrasonic slitting
Ultrasonic slitting is the most efficient solution for a clean cut which prevents unraveling.

Ultrasonic tools
Tools for customized cutting and welding solutions.

Ultrasonic welding 
Sonic Italia produces ultrasonic machines for welding thermoplastics, which can be applied in several industries.

Hand-held Ultrasonic Welder 
Manual soldering solution for synthetic materials.

Manure Belt Welder 
Discover more about our manual welder, designed for repairing manure and egg conveyor belts.

Ultrasonic cutting sealing films fabrics 
For synthetic films and fabrics with numerous applications in the apparel, non-woven, packaging and textile industries.

Ultrasonic Insertion
Ultrasonic insertion of a threaded brass rivet in a plastic component.

Ultrasonic blades 
Sonic Italia manufactures blades of all shapes, sizes and designs.

Ultrasonic Linear Circular Weaving Cutter
Gear for manufacturing raffia products.

Ultrasonic Punching
Solutions for plastics, acrylics and synthetic filters.

Ultrasonic Rotative Bonding System For Pleated Filters 
It employs an environmentally-friendly rotary bonding system designed for pleated filters. It requires no solvents or adhesives.

Ultrasonic Sonotrode
Thirty years’ experience in manufacturing customized sonotrodes.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding
Our spot welding solutions can be both manual and automatic.

Ultrasonic Stud Welding
Chosen when similar plastic parts need to be welded at single or multiple localised points.



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