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Ultrasonic riveting is the activity of choice when a threaded brass peg is needed to be encapsulated within a plastic part.

In the riveting process, a puncture marginally smaller than the O.D. in the insert, gets pre-moulded in the item. 

This serves as a guide for the insertion and provide a ceritain degree of interference. The rivet is designed to either have a knurling to increase its grip, drilled for higher torsional and riveting strength or both (with the purpose of increasing torque and torsional strength). Ultrasonic rivets are sold to several specialized companies. 

The energy applied to the rivet travels through the interface, creating friction heat and heating the polymers.

The molten part flows into the hole and is re-sodilified, thus blocking it inside the component.

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Ultrasonic riveting conditions

In order to achieve a good ultrasonic riveting process, the total volume of materials displaced by the casting must be equal to that of the sonotrode's cavity that determines the rivet's shape.

Nevertheless, this condition is not mandatory. An ultrasonic blade could snip the burrs out after riveting.

This obviously requires that the volume of the soldering head is slightly lower than the volume of the molten materials. 

To summarize, it can be said that:

Molten plastics volume ≥ sonotrode cavity

To prevent the rivet from yielding at the base, it is necessary to provide a relevant curvature radius and a 4° taper. 

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