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Ultrasonic components

Ultrasonic components: the right solutions for every need

All our products are designed and developed in-house after careful research and experimentation. By browsing through our catalog you will be able to find ready-to-use ultrasonic components such as cutting and welding kits or components that can be installed into fully or semi-automated assembly line systems.

Following on the client's requests and needs, our technical department will study and devise the options that best suit their specific guidelines. Whether it is for the quality of the desired end product or the ease of implementation, rest assured that both our standard and custom-made peripherals can fulfill all your demands.

The first stage in the creation of new ultrasonic components lies in studying the so called energy directors. Their shape, the use of properly weldable materials and the position of the product may determine the success or failure of the assemblage process.

Important facts about ultrasonic components

In order to attain satisfactory results, it is advisable to take in mind the following factors:

  • It is necessary to weld in a reduced contact surface to achieve a great concentration of energies and a quick fusion;
  • Proper positioning of one of the parts so that it can vibrate freely in relation to the rest, creating the base of the meld;
  • A dedicated space for putting molten material to prevent external burrs;
  • If possible, a welding frame that is parallel and/or perpendicular to the ultrasonic vibration vector;
  • Avoid that pieces get deformed due to molding or retrieval;
  • The width of the object touching the sonotrode must be wide enough for the plastics to hollow out when they get the ultrasonics treatment;

Sonic Italia offers free laboratory tests of its gadgets on a specific artifact and guarantee the best results for any given demand.

Fill out the form at the contacts section if you require further information.

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