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Pneumatic actuator 40-35-30 Khz


khz Pneumatic Actuator, model APN63100

APN63100 C1

Pneumatic actuator 20 khz, model APN63100 _ C1
APN63100 C1


Pneumatic actuator 20 kHz, model APN6350

Sonic Italia manufacturers very high-precision pneumatic actuators for Companies needing an integration of ultrasonic welding technology on automatic or semi-automatic systems, which have been designed to perform process repetition with mechanical stroke adjustment.

Sonic actuators are ideal for those people desiring to purchase a “turnkey” system integration package.

The two available models guarantee the integration of 20 khz, 30 khz, 35 khz, 40 khz vibrating units, that means the whole range of frequencies and products. They are easy to install, reliable and perfectly manufactured by industry experts.

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