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Ultrasonics for Plastics


Cutting and welding for plastics

Ultrasound technology is activated in the field of plastic materials for operations such as cutting and welding.

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Ultrasonics for plastics: the possibility of welding thermoplastics using ultrasonics lies in the capacity of the latter to produce heat in a controlled way and at certain spots of the items that need to be welded. This phenomenom takes place at a physical and chemical level when ultrasonics make atoms that compose said plastics vibrate and rub between each other. Friction generated by this movement produces heat and renders plastics fluid, making them bond at a molecular level.
This also explains the utmost efficiency of plastics welding with ultrasonics technology.


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Benefits of using ultrasonics

  • short working times (welding takes just a few tenths of second)
  • immediate results (components need no settling times)
  • fit for serial welding
  • low energy consumption
  • it is a noiseless working process
  • it can be used to work hard to reach spots
  • repeatability


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More information about ultrasonics used in plastics soldering


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Plastics welding with ultrasonics is often employed when a certain aesthetic quality and performance speed are required; two plastic objects (preferably made out of the same materials in order to produce high molecular friction) are put in contact with each other while a metal component (the sonotrode) leans on one of them, releasing ultrasonics and thus vibrating.

The resulting friction will fuse both parts together. The shape and the frequency in which the sonotrode will vibrate depends on the geometry of the object that must be welded.

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  • Sewing machines This versatile process allows you to seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss, or cut and seal simultaneously.
  • Ultrasonic slitting The most efficient solution for a clean cut synthetic textiles that prevents unraveling.
  • Ultrasonic cutting All of Sonic Italia’s machinery performs cutting and welding with ultrasonics simultaneously.
  • Food cutting The right solution for clean, precise food portioning.
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