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Ultrasonic welding process for coffee pods


Ultrasonic welding process for coffee pods

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Using Ultrasonic for coffee pods

The automated packaging of coffee pods is becoming increasingly popular. With this increasing demand for coffee pods in the global market, the use of ultrasonic in the in the various production phases brings very useful advantages such as:

  • Continuous welding

  • Perfectly airtight welding seam

  • Reduction of processing times

  • Energy cost reduction

Ultrasonic technology allow you to rely on a reliable and continuous welding process implemented with cold components that prevent damage to heat-sensitive materials, thanks to the sonotrode 35K vibrationsper second, ensuring a perfectly airtight welding seam even if there are foreign substances on the surface, such as coffee powder.

This ultrasonic welding process reaches 120 solders/minute which reduces processing times and lowers the energy costs of the process overall.


The aesthetic perfection of the ultrasonic welding, the reduction of the machine downtime for cleaning and simultaneously shearing and sealing the coffee pods, allows an unparalleled process repeatability, while additionally providing real-time data diagnostic information.

All of these amazing features make the ultrasonic technology no longer an accessory for the pods production process, but rather a system that is increasingly requested by manufacturers of automated systems in the industry as a whole.

Sonic makes available its technological expertise and its ultrasonic welding equipment to OEMs. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at exp@sonicitalia.com or visit our website www.sonicitalia.com.




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