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Ultrasonic Welding Manual Handgrip


Spot welding

Manual handle for ultrasonic welding and cutting.

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Ultrasonic welding manual handgrip instruments for spot welding, plastics and synthetic fabrics shearing devised and developed by Sonic Italia.


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Our manual handgrip have been designed to be easy to use with the assistance of a simple interface.

Lightweight and ergonomical, they have been designed to be used by workers who use them for extended periods of time during their work shifts.

Our manual handgrips are made out of plastics (Nylon 66) subjected to specific injection or die-cast molding.

Both variants have undergone the necessary quality control and crash tests.
The durability and reliability of our products has made a go-to name of our company in the global market with various grips created for specific industry uses.


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Uses and advantages of an ultrasonic welding manual handgrip


Sonic Italia makes a wide range of portable equipment. Browse through our website to see more of our ultrasonic products and download their technical sheets.

Our ultrasonic manual handgrips are used for spot welding, riveting conveyor belt maintenance.

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The most common uses are the following:

  • Spot soldering of thermoformed items, blisters, conveyor belts, corrugated plastic, etc.
  • Pegs riveting, white goods and automotive;
  • Synthetic fabrics cutting and welding;
  • Knitting of nonwoven textiles/PP/PE etc.

Try the manual ultrasonic cutting handgrip for synthetic fabrics, nonwoven, films, etc.

Try the manual spot welding handgrip for thermoforming, pegs, injection molding, etc.


More information about manual hand grips

Feel free to contact Sonic Italia at any time if you need further info about our ultrasonic welding manual handgrips or any other product we make.
You will also find in our website details about the company and its entire product range.

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  • Plastics assembly systemsThis method is chosen when high aesthetic quality and production speeds are required.
  • Synthetic fabric weavingCustomized bonding solutions for fabrics and nonwovens.
  • Ultrasonic cuttingSonic Italia manufactures state of the art machinery for all industrial needs.
  • Food cuttingThe right solution for clean, precise food portioning.
  • Hermetical sealingFriction generates localized heat through molecular movement, which seals two plastic films at a contact point.
  • Sewing machinesThis process allows you to seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss, or cut and seal simultaneously.
  • Portioning machineIntegrated systems for semi and fully automatic food portioners.
  • Ultrasonic slittingThe most efficient solution for a clean cut synthetic textiles that prevents unraveling.
  • Ultrasonic toolsTools for customized cutting and welding solutions.
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  • Sealing for films and fabricsThis method has countless applications in the clothing, nonwovens, packaging and textile industries. 
  • RivetingInsertion of a threaded brass rivet within a plastic component.
  • Ultrasonic bladesSonic Italia’s mechanical department develops blades of all shapes and designs.
  • Ultrasonic PunchingPunching solutions for plastic, acrylics and filtration fabrics.
  • Rotative Bonding System For Pleated Filters An environmentally friendly bonding system designed for pleated filters that doesn’t require solvents or adhesives.
  • Ultrasonic Spot WeldingAvailable in both in automated and manual options.
  • Stud WeldingThis is the common choice when similar plastic parts need to be welded at single point or multiple separate joints.
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