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Ultrasonic welding for face masks

immagine generatore next con mascherina

Ultrasound generators and converters for face masks machine

Viale de Gasperi, 76
20017 RHO (MI) Italia


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Ultrasonic welding solution for face mask machines

Sonic is an Italian leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding technology specialized in manufacturing ultrasonic welding components for face masks. We are capable to supply large amount of generators and converters with frequency 20 kHz, 40 kHz, 35 kHz and 30 kHz.

In face masks production process ultrasonic technology is used for welding of:

  • The edge area of the face mask
  • The valve / filter
  • The nose bracket
  • The carrier belt.


Our generators NEXT series with live diagnostics is giving you cost effectiveness, joint quality and welding data. Next Generator ensures the joining quality remain uniform. Next series offer various welding mode and trigger functions.


The advantages of using ultrasonic on face masks production process

The modular ultrasonic components offer maximum flexibility for fitting in automatic production lines.

Sonic offers many options in terms of generators, converters and boosters in order to set up the right amplitude for continuous stable welding performance.

Technical Support:

Sonic manufactures ultrasonic technology from 1988. We are able to guarantee an after-sales service with specialized technical team able to support you in the installation process and set up of your machine.


There are several reasons why ultrasonic technology is used on the production of face masks:

it is very fast & high output
its welding strength
no additives and adhesives.

Ultrasonic is the perfect technology for welding Nonwoven face masks!!


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