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Ultrasonic Welding Advantages


Ultrasonic welding advantages

Ultrasonic welding in the plastics field offers many advantages. Find out more on the site and request a free consultation.

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Ultrasonic welding advantages cannot easily numbered due to this activity’s versatility. For instance, it can be used in the plastics industry, with the largest advantage of being capable of welding different types of polymers together.


Plus, it can be used in a continuous or intermittent way, making it adaptable enough for manufacturing several varieties of plastic products. Some of the said products can be mentioned in the following list:

  • automotive: dashboards, door fasteners, interiors and exteriors lining, headlights and interior lights, fuel and air filters, tank floats, brake fluid containment boxes, valves and sensors.
  • appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines.
  • electronics: switches, relays, buttons, cables, piezoelectric disk joints, connectors, PCB production, audio and video accessories.
  • telecommunications: telephones, mobile phones, screens.
  • white goods: blenders, vaporizers, vacuum cleaners.
  • office supplies: plastic folders, floppies, printer cartridges.
  • medical: anti-dust masks, surgery garments, diapers, syringes, arterial filters.
  • textile: fabric flaps cutting, velcro joints.


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List of ultrasonic welding advantages


The current list mentions some of the most common ultrasonic welding advantages that have make this method so popular in recent years:


  • It is a clean, reliable and versatile technique;
  • It does not require additional chemical compounds for joining items, it is safe both for workers and the environment;
  • It is characterized by time cycles of less than a second, making it widespread in industrial assembly lines;
  • It guarantees a homogeneous product quality by achieving continuous results;
  • It requires very little energy to function;
  • The welding machine’s setup is quite simple and users can rely for it to work for a very long time once it is set. This kind of welding produces very little wear and tear of mechanical parts, plus it does not make any residues, considerably reducing the need for maintenance compared to other soldering types;
  • Heat-sensitive products can be assembled without the risk of getting damaged since ultrasonic welding produces minimum localized heat focusing on a welding spot;


The increasing popularity of ultrasonic welding in the thermoplastics industry and all the aforementioned advantages have been possible thanks to an increasingly careful research of the subjected materials, machinery design and the necessary tools to perform this process. It can be said that the preliminary design of the soldering machine and the understanding of the ultrasonic phenomena connected to it are essential factors for the success of welding with ultrasonics. .


Further information about Ultrasonic
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