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Ultrasonic Tires Cutting


Ultrasonic tire cutting

Texturized rubber cutting: the special ultrasonic cutting blades developed and produced within the Sonic Italia mechanical department are able to cut the extruded textured rubber with thickness from 2 mm up to 55 mm.

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Ultrasonic tires cutting using special blades developed and manufactured by Sonic Italia’s mechanical department are capable of slicing through texturized 2 mm and even 5mm thick extruded rubber.
The ultrasonic cross cut process provides the advantage of getting rid of the need to vulcanize the rubber.


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Ultrasonic Tires cutting blades


Ultrasonic blades cut through tires with great ease: by vibrating it penetrates inside the materials without the need for friction.

Ultrasonic tires cutting allows the process to be regulated in a more precise way. The tire can be cut with accurate angles reaching up to 22°, considerably increasing the cohesion of the sliced section.

Sonic Italia’s ultrasonic cutting systems have been devised to be embedded into automated lines. Blades can be customized according to the thickness of the tire that needs to be cut.

Sonic Italia offers its own laboratory to make free feasibility tests upon your products.
Our highly qualified staff, thanks to the company’s thirty years of experience in the ultrasonics industry, can recommend you the right solution for your needs.


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More information about ultrasonic systems


Find out more about our tires slicing sytems by browsing our website. Here you can read more about our company and get complete details about our products. You can contact Sonic Italia directly as weel. We will gladly answer all your questions.

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