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Ultrasonic Textile Cutting and Welding

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Cutting solution for synthetic fabrics

Ultrasonic cutting and welding: a process that takes place simultaneously with all Sonic Italia cutting machines.

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Ultrasonic textile cutting and welding take place simultaneously in all of Sonic Italia’s cutting machinery. These ultrasonic cutters can be used manually or installed on workbenches.

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How does ultrasonic textile cutting and welding work

When performing cutting on thermoplastic textiles, the edges need to be welded at the same time.
Edge welding of fabrics prevents thread unraveling, while smooth, bevelled edges prevent the accumulation of the laminated textile materials. When two or more layers are cut together, they fuse with each other, creating a single surface. Welding strength depends on the textile materials and anvil’s geometry. Numerous factors influence the speed in which fabrics can be cut using ultrasonics.

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A few examples would include the geometry of the anvil, plus the materials’ composition, weight and thickness. These ultrasonic textile cutting and welding solutions can be manual for small-scale manufacturing or semi and fully automated. The latter can be installed into larger assembly lines.
Following a careful study of the fabrics, including laboratory tests, we can propose standard or customized ultrasonic solutions.

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Further information about Sonic Italia

Sonic Italia boasts thirty years of experience in the development of ultrasonic technologies, offering its own technical staf and laboratory to perform tests on your samples.
Our staff is highly qualified to develop dedicated and custom-made technical and applicative solutions. These can range from standard machinery to semi or fully automated systems.

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