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Ultrasonic Plastic Materials Welding


Ultrasonic welding for coagulated plastic

Ultrasonic welding for coagulated plastic

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Ultrasonic plastic materials welding method is based on the capacity of ultrasounds to heat items in specific spots and in a controlled way. This phenomenom takes place at a physical and chemical level when ultrasonic waves act through mechanical vibration, causing rubbing between the atoms that make up the materials.
Friction generated by such movement produces localized heat and makes plastics fluid, bonding them at a molecular level.
This explains why this method is so effective.


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Benefits of ultrasonic plastic materials welding 

  • Short application times (takes only a couple tenths of second);
  • Immediate results (artifacts can be reused right away);
  • Perfect for continuous plastic soldering;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Quiet manufacturing process;
  • Works on hard to reach parts.
Ultrasonic plastic materials welding: functioning

Ultrasonic vibrations oscillate between 20 and 40 kHz frequencies, made by a generator powered by a standard 50 Hz electric current.

A converter transforms said high frequency vibrations from the generator into mechanical movement comparable to a series of ultra-fast micro hammering motion.

The constant amplitude from the converter is then modified or transferred through the booster, depending on the application requirements.

Lastly, the sonotrode transmits the high frequency vibration energy into the welding surface area.

Under the influence of the applied force, ultrasonic waves are transformed into thermal energy (fusion latent heat) through the friction from the contact of the surfaces and the absorption of said ultrasounds: the plastic materials fuse together on the focused parts during the welding process, forming a nearly homogeneous joint after cooling.

The fused thermoplastics and the resulting connection force can be positively influenced by regulating the amplitude and applied force.
There are several welding systems for plastic materials in the market based on this principle: from compact units to standard machinery and mass production systems that employ the latest technology. This method is fast, efficient and environmentaly friendly since it does not require any adhesives.


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Further information about ultrasonic plastic materials welding

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