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Ultrasonic Hermetic Sealing


Ultrasonic hermetic welding system

The friction process generates localized heat due to the molecular movement of the two plastic films at the point of contact with the vibrating sonotrode.

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Ultrasonic hermetic sealing technology offers unique advantages for various industries. Sonic Italia provides welding machines to clients worldwide.


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How Does Ultrasonic Hermetic Sealing Work?

The friction process generates localized heat, caused by the molecular movement of two different films in vibrating sonotrode’s contact point. Even though molecules do not change their position, they bind together and remain welded.


These Vertical Form Fill Sealing (VFFS) processes allow for wet, damp or dusty surfaces to get hermetically sealed, thus adding outstanding speed to the production process. Hermetic sealing is widely employed in the food and construction supply industries, specially for frozen goods, ready-to-eat salads, grated cheeses, sand and cement bags.


This type of hermetic sealing using ultrasonic offers several benefits when working with cold or friable items that could contaminate the welding area and severely reduce the quality of its hermetic holding with a traditional method.


Employing ultrasonic hermetic sealing instead of the standard thermosealing procedure brings a series of advantages. Preserving packaging materials and avoiding to get film residues in the soldering tool. This allows for a quicker cleaning and a considerable reduction of downtime intervals.


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Advantages of Ultrasonic Hermetic Sealing


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Sonic Italia specializes in ultrasound technologies for various industries. Our company is capable of offering a vast assortment of professional, state-of-the-art equipment, to provide customer support regarding installation, maintenance and a large team of professionals ready to assist you in Italy and around the world in no time.


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