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Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine


Ultrasonic food portioning machine
Sonic Italia develops components to be implemented in automatic portioners for the food sector.

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20017 RHO (MI) Italia


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Ultrasonic food portioning machines by Sonic Italia. Our company is a leading supplier for portioning machinery in the food industry. We develop a completely automated system for all possible food portioning needs.

From cuts of 600x400 mm pans to longitudinal slicing on conveyor belts, we will devise and manufacture personalized turnkey solutions that follow clients’ specific guidelines.


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Uses and benefits of the ultrasonic food portioning machine


The ultrasonic blades installed inside the machine ensure the best portioning results over a vast assortment of food products such as cheese, dough, bread, cakes, frozen foods, (max -8°) and other products that may prove problematic for a mechanical slicer to work on. Sonic Italia builds and sells ultrasonic blades, while our highly qualified team provides support for the plant manufacturer with the necessary technology and the choice of the proper blade configurtion in order to incorporate the machine into existing facilities.

We are constantly getting requests for ultrasonic food portioning machine lines, developed alongside our Italian and European OEM partners.


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More information about ultrasonic food portioning machines


Go to our YouTube channel to see Sonic Italia’s multiple applications.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about our food portioning machine solutions. We will be glad to give you all the answers you need. You can also learn more by browsing our website, where you can find a presentation of our entire product and research range.


Do you wish a free consultation by our experienced staff? Fill in the form above.


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