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Ultrasonic Cutting


Ultrasonic cutting

Customized systems for ultrasonic cutting.

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Ultrasonic cutting for synthetic fabrics is one of the solutions that Sonic Italia is mostly renowned for with its state-of-the-art machinery. For over 30 years, Sonic Italia has asserted itself as a market leader in the ultrasonic cutting and welding field, providing reliable ultrasonic products alongside fast and professional technical support.


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Reasons for Employing Ultrasonic Cutting


Ultrasonic cutting machines are designed for cutters are designed to work will all kinds of polymers and blended fibers. Ultrasonics guarantee a precise, quick and clean cut without fumes and burning.

This procedure is widely used in the apparel, automotive, awnings, filtration and interior furnishing industries.

Ultrasonic cutting and welding technology provides unparalleled quality regarding results compared to other methods.



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Ultrasonic Cutting Unique Features and Advantages


  • It serves to cut and weld non-laminated, laminated, antistatic, PP, PE, HDPE, LD synthetic fabrics and blends;
  • Because of the sonotrode’s ultrasonic vibrations, cut edges are not only mechanically separated but also thermally welded;
  • Neat, clean and smooth edges without leaving burn marks;
  • Cutting procedure does not emit any fumes, drastically reducing suction system costs.



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More Information about Ultrasonic Cutting


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