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Ultrasonic Cutter

linear cutting

Ultrasonic cutter for fabrics

Ultrasonic cutter for cutting and welding synthetic fabrics.


Complete ultrasonic cutting kit for synthetic fabrics

Free and linear ultrasonic manual cutting kit for synthetic fabrics.

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Ultrasonic cutter: Sonic Italia has developed a comfortable, lightweight and easy to use instrument. Ultrasounds are the fastest, cleanest and most efficient cutting technology for synthetic fabrics in the market.
It is great for small and medium scale manufacturing, the cutter is capable to make a clean, precise incision that does not unravel. Ultrasonics not only cut textiles but also seam their edges.
Cutting and welding take place simultaneously, getting rid of the need of going back to sealing the cut to avoid unraveling.

For 30 years, Sonic Italia has been a leading company in the market, providing reliable, high quality ultrasonic components alongside a responsive and professional technical support.

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Ultrasonic cutters provide neat synthetic fabric slicing and welding

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The 40 kHz ultrasonic cutter can be used both manually and installed on a workbench with an optional support guide.
Said guide is made out of aluminium and can be adapted depending on the working table length.
The standard version features a manual cutter with a machete-shaped sonotrode that allows for a fast, clean, neat cut that does not produce fumes or burning.

More information about ultrasonic cutter models

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We will gladly answer any question you may have about Sonic Italia and our products.

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