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Synthetic Fabrics Knitting


Ultrasonic bonding of non-woven fabric

Sonic Italia produces technology that is used to weld together multiple layers of synthetic fabric.

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Synthetic fabrics knitting with ultrasounds

Sonic Italia provides various types of ultrasonic synthetic fabrics knitting systems. This technology requires a lot less energy than traditional seaming methods. They employ a series of rotating rollers to bond materials together, since this process does not require the use of any glues or mechanical fasteners.


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How does synthetic fabrics knitting work


Bonding with ultrasounds allows to knit two or more layers of synthetic materials by placing between a vibrating sonotrode and a contrast roller. The latter is usually made out of tempered steel with a specific pattern on its surface, following the technical features of the materials that need to be welded and the production speed.


The vibrating horn’s high frequency mechanical movement and the compression force between it and the drum generate frictional heat when in contact with the synthetic materials. This provides the final knitted product with a higher grade of softness, breathability and absorption. These are the main properties of synthetic fabrics knitting, often employed in manufacturing hospital gowns, diapers and other common applications in the medical and environment cleaning industries.


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Further information about bonding of synthetic fabrics


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