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Shearing of Bumpers


Automatic system for punching holes in bumpers

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Ultrasonic shearing of bumpers

The Shearing of bumpers, also known as punching, is a well-established application which uses the ultrasonic technology to implement round cuts on bumpers.

The geometric shape of the sonotrode is of essential importance for achieving a perfect result.

The technical department of SONIC ITALIA produces customized sonotrodes in collaboration with OEMs and the end user consumers, following the technical specifications of the customer.

The most used frequencies in this shearing process are 20, 30 and 35 kHz. They can change depending on the thickness and size of the product to be cut.

The aesthetic aspect of the cut is a fundamental component of this technology which allows the bumper to be edged inwards, thus covering the natural color of the product.
This last feature guarantees the possibility of carrying out the shearing process on the already painted bumper, thus eliminating additional intermediate steps.
The components are integrated on special machines and mounted on electric slides or cells. Using cycle times as a reference, a generator can be used to control one or more vibrating units by means of a switch box.

In the first case, each vibrating unit is activated individually at the exact time in which the cut needs to be performed, and several units can be used simultaneously.
In the second case, the vibrating units are brought into position and activated in a cascading method.

Sonic Italia makes available its technological expertise and its ultrasonic shearing and welding equipment to OEMs.

If you are interested in our products and would like more information about ultrasonic shearing, please contact us at exp@sonicitalia.com or visit our website at www.sonicitalia.com .

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