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Raffia Cutting and Weaving


Weaving structure

Weaving structure for cutting and ultrasonic welding of raffia.

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Raffia cutting and and welding is among Sonic Italia’s better known solutions due to its thirty years of consolidated experience in the industry. It provides custom-made options for specific needs.

Circular and linear raffia weaving looms are the result of textile OEMs’ particular need to have a system that performs complex raffia cutting and welding operations. They usually must keep a minimum 10 mm width so that the texture of the raffia remains compact and without fraying after welding.


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How does Raffia Cutting and Welding work?


Firstly, the hermetic welding process of the raffia sheets allows for a 20 mm wide seam bind. A flat sonotrode with a smooth base that lays on a counter wheel featuring a pattern chosen by the client makes it happen.  Once the raffia passes through these two elements is welded by the pressure force and vibrations of the sonotrode, assuming then the pattern of the contrast wheel.


The next step consists in a mechanical cutting action of the raffia along the center area of the working track.

Cutting is made by a pentagonal ceramic blade place in the structure brhind the sonotrode.


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It is possible to obtain clean raffia cutting without unraveling with this loom. These models are recommended and used by the largest manufacturers of circular and linear weaving looms.


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More Information about Raffia Cutting and Welding


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