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Cutting Sonotrodes


Cutting sonotrode

The cut is fast, clean and moreover, being very resistant blades have a low wear/p>

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Cutting sonotrodes: Sonic Italia produces components using different technology widespread used in the thermoplastics field.
A highly qualified mechanical department develops and manufactures cutting sonotrodes for plastics and more.


Blade-embedded cutting sonotrodes are used to slice very sturdy products such as rubber, regular or resin-coated carbon fiber.

The sonotrodes’ design has been devised to guarantee a quick exchange of their electro-polished blade made of hard metal.

Blade tips are available in different shapes and lengths, plus they can be customized according to applicative requirements.

The choice of the blade geometry is taken after a careful study of the characteristics of the materials that need to be cut, taking their thickness into account as well.


Cutting sonotrodes functioning


The hard metal mechanical blade is tightly screwed into the sonotrode, then a it recieves the frequencies from the vibrating unit.

During this process, vibration is transferred from the cutting sonotrode to the blade; the vibration frequency is constant, usually 20 kHz, allowing to reduce friction and thus of the cutting force that needs to be applied.

The cut is fast, clean and are subjected to low tear due to their durability.


Further information about cutting sonotrodes produced by Sonic Italia


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