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Cutting Food with Ultrasonics


Ultrasonic food cutter

Ultrasonic food cutting: the optimal solution for a clean and clean cut.

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Food cutting with ultrasonics: it guarantees speed and accuracy even in food products that are difficult to process.
Find out the incredible potential of food cutting with ultrasonics. Our ultrasonic blades are capable of ensuring a clean cut, precise cut in food items such as cakes, cereal and chocolate bars, cheeses, pizza and bread dough even licorice.

Food cutting technology provides particularly neat results on products composed by several layers, making for a notable visual appeal as well as less hindrances for subsequent packaging operations.

Foods with fillings such as nuts and raisins are cut in a precise way, featuring less imperfections when compared with traditional methods.


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Ultrasonics can also be used to remodel or give food products a specific shape.

The advantages of this technology are cleaner cutting surfaces and shorter machinery downtimes for blade cleaning.


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 Advantages of food cutting with ultrasonics:


  • The vibrations emanated by ultrasonics upon the blade reduce or eliminate product residues on the blade;
  • Less downtime for cleaning the blades;
  • Flawless aesthetics after cutting;
  • Minimum or inexistent product stains or damage;
  • Wider cutting temperature range;
  • Drastic drop in the cut strength;
  • Fast and clean cuts with minimum displacement of the product, resulting in less ingredients waste;
  • Possibility to cut through solid food ingredients such as nuts, raisins and chocolate chips without displacing them;
  • Possibility of cutting layered food items like nougat or sandwiches without moving the ingredients inside;
  • Better results for cutting through fragile food products such as hard or brittle cheese or chocolate based concoctions;


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More information about food cutting with ultrasonics processes 


Sonic Italia develops solutions for the food industry and provides support to some of the most important manufacturers in the field. Our machinery has been purposely devised for efficient functioning and to guarantee higher productivity.

Up to this day, food cutting with ultrasonics is employed by the largest companies in the industry.


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