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Ultrasonic Wiki

Ultrasonic welding process for coffee pods

Ultrasonic spot welding is possible both in automations and manually.

Ultrasonic Welding Machines Components

Ultrasonic welding machine components: Sonic Italia produces a vast assortment of components for different welding machine models used in various industries.

Synthetic Fabrics Knitting

Sonic Italia provides customized synthetic fabrics knitting solutions for different industries.

Ultrasonic Punching

Ultrasonic shearing is a widespread process employed in the apparel, textiles and filtration industries.

Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic generator solutions by Sonic Italia. Quality and experience from a market leader.

Handheld ultrasonic welder

Hand-held ultrasonic welder: try the manual handgrip for ultrasonic welding branded Sonic Italia and get the best results.

Ultrasonic Welding Manual Handgrip

Ultrasonic welding manual handgrip tools for industrial use.

Ultrasonic Blades

In the mechanical department of Sonic Italia, all kinds of shapes and designs possible for ultrasonic blades are produced.

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

An ultrasonic sewing machine is versatile and easy to use in order to seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss, or to cut and seal at the same time.

Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine

Ultrasonic cutting systems integrated in automatic and semi-automatic portioning machines.

Ultrasonic Riveting

Ultrasonic insertion of brass threaded rivets inside plastic components.

Ultrasonic manure belt welder

Discover more about our manual welder designed for manure and egg conveyor belts.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding

Ultrasonic spot welding is where plastics are subjected to binding at certain points without the need of a specific joint design.

Ultrasonic Welding Advantages

Find out some of the most common ultrasonic welding advantages: amont them is the possibility to solder different polymer types.

Ultasonic Welding

Sonic Italia produces ultrasonic machines for welding thermoplastic materials, which can be used in different industrial areas.

Ultrasonic Stud Welding

Ultrasonic stud welding is the recommended option whenever similar plastic parts need to be welded in a single or multiple points without calling for seam soldering.

Ultrasonic Hermetic Sealing

Ultrasonic hermetic sealing technology offers unique advantages for various industries. Sonic Italia provides welding machines to clients worldwide.

Fabric and Synthetic Film Welding

Welding for films and synthetic fabrics: applications in the clothing, non-woven, packaging and textile sectors.

Ultrasonic Plastic Materials Welding

Ultrasonic plastic materials welding guaranteeing effective results in short times.

Ultrasonic Pleated Filters Welding

The rotating ultrasonic bonding system designed for pleated filters is "green" because it does not require the use of solvents or adhesives.

Ultrasonic Synthetic Fabrics Weaving

Ultrasonic welding solutions for non-woven fabric. The materials can be 100% synthetic or mixed.

Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly Systems

Ultrasonic plastics assembly systems: Sonic Italia is capable of creating unique products for new or existing ultrasonic plastics assembly systems in a broad industrial spectrum.

Cutting Sonotrodes

Cutting sonotrodes equipped with blades are used to incise very hard products

Ultrasonic Sonotrode

Thirty years’ experience in manufacturing customized sonotrodes.

Ultrasonic Cutter

Ultrasonic cutter: the fastest, cleanest and most efficient solution for cutting synthetic fabrics.

Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic cutting for synthetic fabrics is one of the solutions that Sonic Italia is mostly renowned for with its state-of-the-art machinery.

Raffia Cutting and Weaving

Linear and circular loom. Ideal for manufacturing raffia products.

Ultrasonic Textile Cutting and Welding

Ultrasonic Textile Cutting and Welding: a simultaneous process guaranteed by Sonic Italia's machinery.

Ultrasonic Tires Cutting

Sonic italia develops ultrasonic tires cutting methods for extruded rubber. It can range between 2 mm and 55 mm. Find out more by browsing our website.

Cutting Food with Ultrasonics

Food cutting with ultrasonics: the right solution for a precise, clean cut.

Ultrasonic Frame Cutting

Sonic Italia offers ultrasonic frame cutting solutions for synthetic and nonwoven fabrics, providing clean cuts without unraveling.

Ultrasonic Punching

Ultrasonic punching is a widespread process employed in automated assembly lines, particularly in the automotive industry.

Ultrasonics for Plastics

Ultrasonics technology is used in the plastics industry to perform cutting and welding operations.

Ultrasonic Applications

Ultrasonic applications for cutting and welding operations

Ultrasonic welding for valve bags

The valve bag has been designed to pack powder products quickly and efficiently.

Heat to Tail Cutting and Sealing Process

UltrasonicIn the textile industry there is often the need to join two coils of fabric to obtain a longer continuous one spot welding is possible both in automations and manually.

Shearing of Bumpers

It is a well-established application which uses the ultrasonic technology to implement round cuts on bumpers.

Carbon fiber and fiberglass ultrasonic cutting

Sonic Italia has developed a new solution which works at 20, 30 and 35 kHz.

Welding of MATER-BI™

MATER-B is an innovative biodegradable and compostable bioplastic .

Ultrasonic welding in cleanrooms

Ultrasonic welding machines for the welding of medical devices are almost exclusively used in cleanrooms.

Welding of medical devices

The fantastic advantages of using ultrasonic welding is in the repeatability of the operation, the filing of machining data, the welding speed and the aesthetic cleanliness of the welding itself.

Welding door panels

Automobile doors are assembled inside the car with panels in PP -PC or ABS with specific designs.

Cutting Labels

Labels available on the market are made of polyester or nylon.

Ultrasonic Tea bag sealing

Ultrasonic technology is used in the sealing process of the tea bags we find in the global market.

Ultrasonic welding for face masks

Sonic is an Italian leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic welding technology specialized in manufacturing.

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