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Customer Service


Sonic Italia offers a wide range of sales and aftersales customer service and assistance.

The company’s Research & Development department is constantly delving into new ways to improve its ultrasonic generators.

Evolving applications require ever higher performances, this is why ultrasonics technology to work with thermoplastics has become fundamental.




Sonic Italia provides its thirty years worth of experience to every customer and offers consultancy services for electronic components customization.

Starting  with the customer initial designs, we can build custom-made generatorsconverters, and sonotrodes.

The added value comes from the collaboration with OEM companies working for the food, automotive and packaging industries for which multi-head plants are installed in fully automated assembly lines.




Customers can rely on over three decades of experience in the ultrasonics field and the know-how to build cutting edge solutions suitable to achieve their targets.

Our mission is to propose comprehensive solutions, not only by offering the standard components of our catalogue but also coming up with personalized turnkey packages.

The R&D laboratory is equipped with a wide range of sonotrodes that resonate in every frequency, offering the possibility to run feasibility tests on materials, plus welding points studies to obtain the working requirements that clients need.

Our study and appliances design – sonotrodes and anvils – is done by highly qualified staff. They also analyze 3D drawings to verify objects’ weldability.




The post-sales service gives the possibility to request technical or on site installation assistance in brief times.


Before proceeding to visit the customer’s plant, our technical department will get in touch to by phone identify possible damages and failures and provide an immediate solution.

Sonic Italia offers its customers an assistance service, with programmatic and scheduled sessions at the customer premises.

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