Ultrasonic Welding Press model E- STR1 20
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Ultrasonic Welding Press model E- STR1 20

Technical data:

Frequency: 20 kHz – 30 khz – 40 khz

Power: from 1000 to 4000 W

Dimensions: 450 x 580 x h1100 mm

Weight: 96 Kg

490 mm Max height of the sonotrode  (including cylinder stroke)

Cylinder Diameter 63 mm

Cylinder stroke 100 mm

Generator: Programmable digital encoder

Mode of operation quote reached and / or time



Discover all the advantages of the E-STR1 model

Solid ultrasonic press, ideal for applications where high precision is required, made for:

– Eliminate plastic flashes during the welding process.

– Carry out welds with controlled quote (quote reached).

– Perform precision welding.

– Control of the welding process.

– Maximum flexibility with the different welding modes.

– Fast Interchangeability  sonotrode – application.

– Proven reliability.


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