ultrasonic presses iDome 20
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Ultrasonic presses iDome 20

Ultrasonic presses iDome 20

Ultrasonic presses iDome 20 are multipurpose devices with a fast and dynamic sonotrode and anvil change, and a PLC that allows the user to change the recipe immediately, designed and manufactured to meet the continuous needs for smart ultrasonic welding machines. 

It’s a pleasure for Sonic Italia to present to its customers a preview of our ultrasonic presses new models iDome 20.

Thanks to the micrometric dimension control, Sonic Italia is also able to satisfy the welding requirements in all those sectors, such as the medical one, where quality control takes place directly inside the machine.


Features of ultrasonic presses iDome 20:

  • Live parameters and Dimension Control
  • Recipe Management
  • Presence Management on the Anvil
  • Vacuum management on the installation
  • Equipment Codes Management
  • Teleservice
  • Label printer
  • I4.0 – Cloud Data Collection (Internet connection is required)
  • 80 mm diameter cylinder
  • 150 mm pneumatic stroke


For any further information, please feel free to write to: info@sonicitalia.com



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