Plastic Handle
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Plastic Handle

Plastic Handle: the result of improvements on the classic ultrasonic handtool by Sonic Italia


The plastic handle is the redesign of the classic ultrasonic handtool by Sonic Italia. The challenge was taking notice of its ergognomic weak points and work on making it more comfortable for long periods of use and adaptable to different people and positions.


This plastic tool can host two different transducers. One makes it lighter and easier to handle while the other has more power.


Just by adding and extra piece and a rubber ring this plastic tool can be adapted to fit the stronger transducer.


This version of the handgrip has two types of texture on its handle, which makes its use easier.

  1. In the middle it has a bas-relief wide band texture which makes the holding easier and creates a comfortable grip.
  2. In the bottom it has a slim ring-shaped on relief which stops the hand from sliding down while applying force.


The plastic handle is composed by 4 main parts that create the whole product. The rest are easy to replace standard components which makes maintenance easy.


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