Pistol handgrip KMB SMALLD
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Pistol handgrip KMB SMALLD

Pistol handgrip KMB SMALLD

The pistol handgrip KMB SMALLD is designed for welding manure belt in the poultry battery.

Sonic Italia is the market leader of ultrasonic manure belt welders used for the welding of both egg belts and PP manure belts. Our ultrasonic generators are currently supplied to major European poultry cages producers and are already used by many satisfied farmers in the world.

The pistol handgrip is easy to use, light and easy to carry. It makes strong 8mm (diam.) welding points in a few tenths of second. The pistol handgrip and the horn are design for spot welding manure belt, and we can design another sonotrode for eggs belt to be used together with the same pistol handgrip.

The generator works with the 220V/110V and the cable can be up to 8 mt., in order to easily reach all the levels of the battery.

Sonic Italia allows you to repair the conveyor belt with easy and little tricks in this way you’ll never have to pay technical release or rent equipment from your supplier.


Technical details of pistol handgrip KMB SMALLD:

  • Ultrasonic generator
  • Input A/C line 230/110 V 50/60 Hz
  • Frequency 40 kHz
  • Power 250 Watt
  • Power transistor oscillator
  • Special Filter against high tensions
  • Low tensions frontal pannel 24 V
  • Alphanumeric display 4 x 20 blue backlight digit
  • Continuous reading and check of frequency by microprocessor
  • Continuously adjustable amplitude 50-100%
  • Energy, control and configuration from OFF: 0-100%
  • Bar graph for easy and quick energy level check
  • Operation mode: (continuous, timer welding time/cooling time, test)


For any further information on pistol handgrip KMB SMALLD, please write to: info@sonicitalia.com


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