Manual Ultrasonic Spot Welding
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Manual Ultrasonic Spot Welding

Manual Ultrasonic Spot Welding set for 35 kHz frequencies.


Weight : around 2 kg


Manual ultrasonic spot welding device developed by Sonic Italia.


This handgrip has been specifically conceived for manual ultrasonic spot welding operations on multi-layered acrylic fabrics. It is capable of binding up to two strata, 650 GSM each.


In particular, this product is created with the purpose of manual point soldering operations of spring upholstery for matresses.


Its cooling system is integrated directly into the anvil in order for the materials to cool off faster during the joining process, increasing both speed and performance.


It counts with a 35000 Hz transducer and a knurled titanium sonotrode and and holder spot.


This manual pistol features a blocking plank placed between the piston and the jig. This limits smelting depth and keeps it from touch the coils.


This manual device is directly connected to a state of the art digital ultrasonic generator to facilitate parameters adjustment depending on the product that needs to be welded with the timer and supplied energy functions.


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