Ultrasonic Linear Cutting Structure
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Ultrasonic Linear Cutting Structure

Ultrasonic linear cutting structure


The Ultrasonic linear cutting structure can be operated manually and it has been designed to perform precise linear cuts on synthetic fabrics.


It is possible to connect it with any type of 40 kHz ultrasonic generator, plus it is equipped with a transducer with piezoelectric ceramics and a machete shaped ultrasonic sonotrode.


Its structure is devised to be mounted on work benches with the assistance of two wheels installed at its base, allowing for its free slidng along the supporting ring.


Beside its ease of use and steady production results, thanks to ultrasonic technology it is possible to seal off drape borders immediately, thus avoiding any unwanted fraying.


This ultrasonic linear cutting structure grants a more efficient space optimization and guarantees quick, clean solutions without emiting hazardous fumes.


Optional: aluminum slideway compatible with 1 to 10 meters workbenches.


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