Manual Ultrasonic Handgrip
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Manual Ultrasonic Handgrip

Manual Ultrasonic Handgrip

The manual ultrasonic handgrip is light and handy. 

It has been conceived to be employed in all kinds of manual cutting and welding activities that need to be performed for extended periods of time.


Its plastic handgrip is capable of carrying different transducer types and diameters, which are made out of piezoelectric ceramics.


The movement of the aforementioned components triggers the electrical energy from the ultrasonic generatordeveloping vibrations that are transferred to the sonotrode – the part that makes direct contact with the product that needs to be cut or soldered – for a clean and precise ultrasonic lopping or brazing work.


Our manual handgrip can be used with any brand of 40 kHz ultrasonic alternator in the market.


The horns compatible with the manual ultrasonic handgrip are interchangeable and it is possible to customize their design according to the customers’ individual needs.


Their standard ogive shape is ideal for free shapes manual operations requiring precise incisions.


Upon request, Sonic Italia will provide you with a connection cable, featuring a length range from 3,5 up to 10 meters.


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