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Ultrasonic generator Next 2.0 / R20

Ultrasonic generator NEXT 2.0

Ultrasonic generator NEXT 2.0 is the result of over 30 years of experience to meet the needs of the market for having a single multifrequency generator.
This ultrasonic generator was designed with the goal of being flexibile, intuitive, easy to use and versatile for all welding jobs from the simplest to the most complex.
Welding parameters are avaible on various types of communication systems to allow real-time quality control of the ultrasonic welding and to minimize process errors.
System costs can also be optimized from using a ultrasonic generator with different resonance units.
The integrated welding methods such as time, energy cycle and costant power cover the major applications in the world of ultrasound, the additional features provide a maimum process stability and cost reduction.




The compact dimesions of this ultrasonic generator allow installation in standard rack cabinets from 19″.
Typical application fields includes:

  • Ultrasonic cutting and welding of thermoplastics (spot and/or continuous)
  • Food cutting
  • Cutting and welding of fabric
  • Sealing of flexible and rigid packaging
  • Punching and cutting of plastic polimers



The reduced depth (250mm) allows installation in small spaces. Process quality with variable limits. The voltage of the converter which can be parmeritezed so that any vibrating unit can be connected to the ultrasonic generator.

Parameters that can be modified by the user and / or selection of welinding profiles for immediate configuration:

  • Rapid response times to changes in conditions of resonance annd load lower than the mSec.
  • LIVE configuration and diagnostics via USB and Ethernet intereface.
  • Minimun network load due to PFC (Power Factor Correction).
  • Variation in Amplitude from 50% to 100%.
  • Soft start for large or circular sonotrode I/O for interconnections to PLC or remote systems.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Unique ultrasonic generator, 3 levels of frequency: 30-35-40 Khz
  • (available also in 20Khz)
  • Constant output power
  • Auto turning and automatic frequency search
  • Compact Design
  • LIVE quality control of welding


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