Ultrasonic Slitting Frame
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Ultrasonic Slitting Frame

Ultrasonic slitting frame for continuous textiles cutting.


This special ultrasonic slitting frame developed by Sonic Italia is available in two different versions to be chosen depending on the kind of fabrics that need to be cut. It has been devised to be quickly and easily installed on looms and stenters.


Both 20 and 40 kHz models are compatible with ultrasonic generators that share the same frequency. This can be suggested by our technical department  after an accurate analysis of the materials that will be slit.


Functions of the ultrasonic slitting frame


With the assistance of this component, it is possible to get a clean, precise edge banding due to its ultrasonic vibrations. Thus the item’s borders get clotted instantly, preventing any unwanted fraying.


Once deployed, this ultrasonic slitting frame allows to sever selvedge of a wide range of acrylic fabrics in a linear, continuous way


Depending on the chosen frequencies, the alternator parameters, counter wheel type and the characteristics of the plastic drapery, the frame may reach remarkable speeds. This is only but one of the numerous advantages of ultrasonics technology.


Our ultrasonic slitting frame features a compressed air cooling system that prevents the sonotrode touching the surface area to overheat.


This tool is conceived to be incorporated in pre-existing assembly lines, this is why we propose both horizontal and vertical cut variants.


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