Ultrasonic blades for food cutting
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Ultrasonic blades for food cutting

Ultrasonic blades for food cutting


Ultrasonic blades for food cutting developed by Sonic Italia have different frequencies and geometries, depending on the type of product to be processed and its conformation.


Sonic Italia is highly specialized in the production of blades for food ultrasonic cutting. Sonic Italia product range consists of over 30 standard ultrasonic blades, for almost any type of need and, where necessary, Sonic Italia can develop customized ultrasonic blades.


Some ultrasonic blades are designed to cut and drop the slice of food; others are projected to interpenetrate it. Some ultrasonic blades are designed for products up to 150 mm high and with widths reaching, in some cases, up to 400 mm.


All Sonic Italia ultrasonic blades are made of titanium and can have a wide range of surface treatments depending on the ingredients contained inside the product and its structure.


For any further information, please write at: info@sonicitalia.com


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