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Stpn40 Cutting Frame

Stpn40 cutting frame for ultrasonic welding.


The Stpn40 cutting frame is widely used for working with synthetic fabrics.


The structure of the Stpn40 comprises a container shell that allows it to be intefaced with pre-existing machinery.


It is equipped with a 40 kHz aluminium converter, a sonotrode, a counter wheel placed on a pneumatic cylinder and its own cooling system.


The Stpn40 can be mounted on looms and stenters with the purpose of compbining edging and soldering activities in a single step.


The most common application for the Stpn40 lies in selvedge and central cutting of acrylic cloth.


When paired with the Elmd40 generator it reaches power ranks from 350 up to 600 W.


The frame’s production speed may vary depending on the characteristics of materials such as GMS, thickness and composition.

Technical details of the Stpn40 cutting frame:

Dimensions: 355 x 70 x 299h mm
Weight: 3 Kg
Frequency: 40 kHz


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