Pneumatic structure STPN20
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Pneumatic structure STPN20

Pneumatic structure STPN20


Pneumatic structure STPN20 developed by Sonic Italia is ideal to process synthetic fabrics.


This special pneumatic structure is composed of a containment shell to be easily interfaced with a pre-existing machine. It is equipped with a 20 kHz aluminum converter, a sonotrode, a counter-wheel positioned on a pneumatic cylinder and a cooling system.


This pneumatic cutting and welding structure can be mounted on frames and offers the possibility of combining cutting and welding operations in a single process.


The pneumatic structure STPN20 is used for the continuous cutting of selvedge and synthetic fabrics, for the transversal cutting and for slitting processes.

It is used with Next R20 generator with a frequency of 20 khz and power output up to 2000W.


The production speed varies according to the characteristics of the materials such as weight, composition, and thickness.


Technical details of pneumatic structure STPN20:


  • Dimensions: 630 x 155 x h 110 mm
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Frequency: 20kHz



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