Cutting structure STLE20
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Cutting structure STLE20

Cutting structure STLE20


Cutting structure STLE20 with interchangeable electrowelded blade.


Sonic Italia structure STLE20 has both the heights and the ideal design for precision cutting with a CNC cutting table and/or anthropomorphic robot.


Thanks to its structure it is possible to carry out interventions on plastic such as:


  • Burring finishing of the injection mould
  • Finishing and cutting of the thermoformed item
  • Cutting of materials such as carbon fiber and impregnated glass fiber
  • Cutting to size of materials such as aramid


STLE20 is managed by Sonic Italia Next R20 generator. A 30 kHz version (STLE30) controlled by Sonic Italia Next R34 generator is also available.


Thanks to Sonic Italia electrowelded blades interchangeability, it is possible to assure different blade geometries and heights, all specifically designed for each type of material to be cut, reaching a blade height of up to 55 mm.


For any further information, please write at:


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