Strx20 Analogue Ultrasonic Press

Strx20 Analogue Ultrasonic Press

Strx20 Analogue Ultrasonic Press for medium scale work.

Technical details:

Frequency: 20 kHz
Power: up to 2500 W
Dimensions: 650 x 525 x 125h mm
Weight: 84 Kg

Strx20 Analogue Ultrasonic Press – Description:

The Strx20 analogue ultrasonic press is equipped with an ultrasonic generator and a pneumatic slide that is used for mid-range industrial production.

The Strx20 is capable of reaching 2500 W of power, which can cut or weld large plastic components with ease.

One of the main advantages that the Strx20 offers is the possibility of being incorporated into automation assembly lines by applying electromechanical rotary tables or pick & place systems.

The press’ analogic controls make it a prompt, easy to work instrument that guarantees steady performances and immediate use with efficiency.


  • tessile
  • plastica
  • automotive
  • filtrazione
  • packaging
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