Pa-63100 Ultrasonic Actuator

Pa-63100 Ultrasonic Actuator

The Pa-63100 Ultrasonic Actuator works at a 20 kHz frequency and is developed in order to implement one or more ultrasonic heads for industrial assembly lines.

This component counts with a vibrating unit that includes a transducer, an optional booster and an ultrasonic sonotrode with the purpose of facilitating its movement in an electro-pneumatic mechanism

Its compact, portable design makes it easier to install a single or multiple vibrant groups in fully or semi automated systems.

This actuator can be easily combined with an analog or digital ultrasonic generator.

Pa-63100 Ultrasonic Actuator Technical features:

  • 63 mm diameter cylinder with height and limit switches
  •  Variable stroke ranging between 25/100 mm
  • Sliding guide rail with bearing shoe
  • Return spring action
  • Adjustable mechanical stop
  • Weight: 13 Kg
  • Pressure regulator


  • plastica
  • automotive
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  • packaging
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