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Elmd20 Ultrasonic Generator

Elmd20 Ultrasonic Generator, digital component for miscellaneous applications.

Elmd20 Ultrasonic Generator technical details:

Frequency: 20 kHz
Power: up to 200W
Dimensions: 485 x 425 x 165h mm
Weight: 26 Kg


The Elmd2 is a compact, high-performance ultrasonic generator.
Featuring a robust aluminium chassis, it is usually enclosed into automated systems and advanced robotization processes

Due to its versatility, the Elmd20 is suit to be used with manual pistol handgrip systems in order to perform ultrasonic clinching, riveting and insertion works.

Devised with the food industry in mind, the Elmd20 may be equipped with a titanium blade, making it the best instrument to be embedded with computerized systems employed for slicing all kinds of assorted foodstuffs.

The Elmd20 Ultrasonic generator is capable of achieving up to 2000 W, thus ensuring a wider brazing surface and the use of larger sonotrodes if compared to a 40000 Hz equipment.

The Elmd20 supports standard machinery such as:

•  Cutting structure frames:

Its design is ideal for manipulating  ultrasonic splicing rolls, that is to cut and seal thick synthetic materials.

Due to this characteristic to go through objects of considerable grammage, the Elmd20 is particularly apt for carpet manufacturing.

•  Pistol handgrip:

This specific handgrip type has been developed for doing spot welding and pining complex, large sized pieces. It can reach a 40 mm. binding diameter as well. There is use for it in the bakery field when it gets integrated with 200 mm long titanium blades for various food-portioning activities.

•  Pneumatic slide:

Equipped with a special protective shell to keep the vibrating unit operational, the Elmd20 is perfect for a quick, easy installation into automatic plant lines. Our professional department will suggest the pneumatic slide model that fits the customer demands after careful consideration of the task that this tool must perform.


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