Ultrasonic Frequency Meter
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Ultrasonic Frequency Meter

Ultrasonic frequency meter for measuring vibrations


Sonic Italia’s ultrasonic frequency meter model is a portable, easy to use and of utmost usefulness for giving preventive maintenance, letting you to control ultrasonic equipment’s frequencies at any given time.


Once the ultrasonic waves are triggered, the thickness gauge determines the vibration resonance emitted by the sonotrode.


This periodical check allows to verify with prior time the presence of potential components damage, which may happen due to the horn’s normal wear and tear or breakage within the generator motherboard.


Usage of the ultrasonic frequency meter helps in preventing higher maintenance costs or even the need to replace an entire assembly system altogether;  by pointing it towards the vibrating sonotrodes and pushing the “On” button, you will be able to read on its display the unit’s actual vibration frequency in a second.

Technical Details


Measures: 130x40x20 mm
Weight: 350 g



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