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Ultrasonics in the Automotive Industry

Ultrasonics in the Automotive industry: Sonic Italia develops personalized solutions for internal and external vehicle parts. This is one of the fields where ultrasonics are particularly widespread.


There are plenty of spots in a car that are welded and riveted using ultrasonics. They include both thermoplastic components and interior elements.

About ultrasonics in the automotive industry

Ultrasonics technologies can be applied in thermo-plastic materials as well as those in the car interiors made out of non-woven and technical fabrics.

Sonic Italia‘s ultrasonics systems are easily installed into semi or fully automated assembly lines, contributing to effectively cut modules’ manufacturing costs, thus increasing production accuracy and speed.

The company mounts titanium, steel or duralumin horns, covering all possible frequencies and wavelengths.

Its pneumatic actuators can be integrated in the OEM’s productive lines without much difficulty.

Thermoplastics are common in this particular industry. Bumpers and door panels are usually made of pure polypropylene or infused with a low percentage of talc.

Full body or disheveled automotive fixtures are designed, built and marketed at Sonic Italia’s headquarters after an accurate analysis and a series of feasibility tests of the item that needs soldering.

The R&D department studies the position of the actuators and the sonotrodes in function of the given frequency and the space they take inside the soldering unit.

Sonic Italia collaborates with special plant manufacturers for the automotive industry. Its three decades of experience is essential to the development of efficient automatic and robotic equipment.

Most common applications

Ultrasonics technology is commonly used in the following automotive component-making applications:

  • Welding of internal lighting components and air pipes
  • Shearing of door panels and bumpers
  • Cutting and shearing of airbags
  • Punching for parking sensors
  • Seat belts guillotine cutting, shearing and welding
  • Welding of the air ducts
  • Guillotine cutting, welding and cutting of safety belts
  • Ultrasonic punching of various parts

Shearing and welding on bumpers

Shearing of holes for parking sensors on the bumpers can be done on varnished bumpers because the varnish is ultrasonically led towards the inner part of the hole and it does not present any aesthetic flaw.

Multiple ultrasonic welding with antropomorphic structure

Ultrasonic welding technology is more and more installed on antropomorphic structures to be able to create multiple spots, using also different shapes of the sonotrode with the same antropomorphic structure.

Modular system 40 kHz multi-head for ultrasonic welding and tests

Sonic develops modular welding solutions in collaboration with italian and international companies manufacturing automatic machines.

Welding with full wave sonotrode 20 Khz

Sonic Italia develops and creates sonotrodes according to the application needs. The sonotrode is composed of one alluminium sonotrode and 9 titanium tips.

Automatic spot welding system

Semi-automatic workbench system for multiple spot welding on a plastic components for the automotive field.

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