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Ultrasonic Welding Packaging

Ultrasonic packaging welding is an essential element in the plastic goods industry. Ultrasonic technology has found its way in a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the installation of ultrasonic cutting and welding systems in packaging plants, it is possible to cut and seal packages of every shape and size, from tubes to thermoformed blisters.

The packaging sector is where ultrasonic technology finds a broad spectrum of uses: installing ultrasonic enclosing systems on a  classic line, it is possible to solder and incise plastic made packaging of any kind and dimensions, from tubes to thermoformed blisters.

Soldering sonotrodes remain cold during such procedure, thus avoiding potential damage to heat-sensitive materials. In addition, this cold process allows to reduce machinery maintenance and cleaning costs, since tools don’t get contaminated with residual particles.

Therefore, ultrasonic instruments not only grant optimized production times but keeps aesthetic airtight closing properties intact.

Applications for ultrasonic packaging welding

There are different packaging sealing varieties that have been developed for this field.

The packaging solutions where ultrasonics are most commonly used are:

  • Step by step welding;
  • Continuous welding (for vertical and horizontal flowpack);
  • Multilayered welding (aluminium with low, medium or high-density polyethylene);
  • Blister isolating with PET, PBT, PVC;
  • Injection moulded parts welding;
  • Caps sealing for the beverages industry;

Advantages of ultrasonic packaging welding

The most important advantage of using ultrasounds in packaging lies in the possibility to get perfect results even on areas that are not completely uncontaminated.

Ultrasonic waves are safe, reliable, fast and can be applied in countless products.

Some of their main benefits are:

  • No foreign particles on the binding surface
  • Nonstick gear
  • Reduced processing times
  • Less cleaning efforts
  • Shorter welding and cooling times
  • Increased production speed;
  • Lower energy costs;
  • High quality welding in contaminated area;
  • No warm up time
  • Sonotrodes work cold and remain clean longer
  • Maintenance or cleaning tasks not required;
  • Eco-Friendly
  • No need for teflon tape replacement

Ultrasonic welding of resealable bag

Ultrasonic welding solution to be integrated in automation line for welding step by step the edge of the mini grip. Ultrasonic is the fast and reliable solution for packaging

Semi-automatic system for transparent PVC containers

Rotary system for transparent PVC packaging production.

Ultrasonic welding of protective film of carpets horizontal flowpack.

Corrugated plastic ultrasonic welding

Corrugated containers welding, used in hospital sector.

Ultrasonic welding of packaging made on plastic

Our welders are perfectly integrates on really high production installations. Ultrasonic welding is absolutely the most efficient when big production quantities are needed.

Ultrasonic VHHF module

Ultrasonic welding module installed on a vertical Flowpack VHHF.

Ultrasonic cement bags valve sealing

Ultrasonic cement bags valve sealing. Perfect welding even in presence of powder.

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