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Ultrasonic Cutting for Synthetic Fabrics

Ultrasonic cutting for synthetic fabrics is continuously on the rise even in fields unrelated to the textile industry. Some of them include: disposable items, filtering components, outdoors and medical fabrics.

Consequently, ultrasonic cutting and welding counts with an increasing space in numerous applications.

Sonic Italia has developed a wide range of ultrasonic solutions for this reason. Cutting and sewing with ultrasound technology may be manual, semi or fully automated. They are usually tailored to meet each client’s needs and production standards.

Ultrasonic sealing can be used on drapes made of just 25% synthetic fibers, such as polyester, viscose or rayon.

Advantages of using ultrasonic cutting gear

Ultrasonic cutting and weaving guarantees:

  • no fraying
  • no burns on fabrics
  • no emissions of toxic fumes
  • no warm up waiting time 
  • shorter production times
  • less energy consumption
  • no need for thread in seams
  • coupling together two fabrics or one with a film
  • simultaneously punching and sealing
  • no selvage
  • cutting and sealing synthetic cloth at the same time 

Required thermoplastic materials

The synthetic fabrics that work best with ultrasonic cutting machinery are those that contain thermoplastics with similar melting temperatures and compatible molecular structures.

In order for the ultrasonic cutting to work properly, synthetic fabrics should all share the following characteristics:

  • Wide melting range
  • High friction coefficient
  • Uniform thickness
  • At least 25 % of thermoplastic contents
  • Enough stiffness and thickness to take the energy on the material’s interface (0,32258 mm / 0,0127 mm minimum)

Polyester is considered to be the most suitable synthetic material to be subjected to ultrasonic applications.

Moreover, ultrasounds can generate strong and long-lasting seams in synthetic elements like Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6 as well.

Most polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene), on the other hand, show excellent welding characteristics, plus they are very lightweight. This makes them to lend themselves to various industrial uses.

Ultrasonic cutting tools

SONIC ITALIA ultrasonic special systems for cutting synthetic fabrics.

Pneumatic slitting frame

Aluminium pneumatic slitting frame with integrated cooling system developed for automatic continuous cutting of synthetic fabrics on looms and/or stenters.

Ultrasonic hand-held cutter

The portable ultrasonic cutter allows to cut and weld simultaneously any kind of fabrics.

Ultrasonic selvedge cutting

This kind of cutting structure is easy to install on stenters, looms and calenders forhigh speed ultrasonic selvedge cutting. Changing grammage and thickness, it is possible to change the sharpening level of the blades.

Cutting and welding of carpets

Special cutting structure 20 kHz for cutting thick fabrics with grammage over 1000 grams/meter.

Special frame for fabrics

This structure is designed for continuous ultrasonic welding of 8/10 mm thickness and central mechanical cut with interchangeable blade.

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