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The textile industry is one of the sectors of greatest interest in the use of ultrasonic technology. The technical fabrics are the main field of application in which the ultrasonic cutting and welding technology systems are used.




Thanks to its many advantages such as speed and weld strength, ultrasound is one of the most frequently used assembly technology in the packaging industry



Sonic Italia’s ultrasonic cutting systems, applied in the food industry, guarantee a clean and precise cut, avoiding the accumulation of product on the blade.


The use of ultrasonic technology for welding filtering fabrics ensures the integrity of the product and the repeatability of the working process.


The automotive industry is one of the most representative for the use of ultrasonic welding: in a car there are on average 400 ultrasonic weldings.


Ultrasonic welding, if applied on injection moulded thermoplastic materials, ensures a perfect coupling between the parties, with a strong, lasting and replicable resistance.

Sonic Italia - Ultrasonic technology specialists


The ultrasonics technology provided by Sonic Italia is the guarantee of a reliable brand ever since it opened in 1987. Nowadays it is a market leader both in Italy and abroad, producing and selling thermoplastics welding and cutting solutions using ultrasonics.

What makes Sonic Italia stand out is the flexibility of its corporate organization comprising a young, dynamic workforce alongside three decades worth of experience in the field.

Whether they are standard or customized, all of the company’s ultrasonic components are entirely manufactured its research and development laboratories.

After a study of the geometry of the item that needs welding, the technical department carries out appropriate laboratory tests focusing on solder joints in order to come up with dedicated sonotrodes that guarantee a stable, long-lasting binding with ultrasonics.

An extensive know-how regarding ultrasonic welding and cutting solutions is main strength of Sonic Italia when it comes to provide valid alternatives to a wide range of industrial uses. 

 Ultrasonics: From concept to Completion

With the assistance of sophisticated computer graphic methods, Sonic Italia is capable of proposing turnkey solutions even from an early planning stage.

A qualified team of professionals develops innovative ultrasonics proposals to be implemented in either semi or fully automated systems that excel in keeping up with clients’ demands on aesthetics, convenience and manufacturing speeds.

In the last few years, the R&D division has devised blade-shaped cutting instruments that make use of different frequencies, ranging from 20 kHz to 40 kHz. Such tools are considered to be particularly useful for their cutting applications in the food industry.   

Adopting ultrasonics to create versatile welding and cutting solutions can only be possible with a thorough collaboration between Sonic Italia and each client. This assures the best possible results in terms of efficiency, practicality, quality and productivity.



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