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Ultrasonic sonotrode


ultrasonic full wave sonotrode for TPU welding

ultrasonic full wave sonotrode for TPU welding


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Ultrasonic sonotrodes manufactured by Sonic Italia.

The primary function of the sonotrode is to transmit sound energy (mechanical vibrations) produced by the converter, to the workpiece.
It transfers the vibrations  to the plastic component. 

If needed, it is possible to install a booster on the vibrating group, in order to increase the amplitude of the ultrasonic waves. To do this efficiently, the ultrasonic sonotrode needs to have a specific profile to the component geometry. There are two basic horn shapes: circular and rectangular.


  • Circular sonotrode may be solid or hollow, and have flat, tapped or contoured faces.
  • Rectangular sonotrode may incorporate reliefs for part projections, and may also be contoured faced.


Composite sonotrode


Composite sonotrodes are half-wave sonotrodes coupled together. Each horn is individually tuned, and one or more tips is then coupled to a “mother” sonotrode.
They are normally used in applications with a large surface area or for applications requiring multiple stacking, multiple insertions and multiple welding points.


Manufacturing sonotrodes


Sonic Italia internally manufactures sonotrodes using five axes CNC milling machine and F.E.A. software “Finite Element Method” assuring quality and stability for every kind of shape. 
Sonic Italia produces sonotrodes from 20 kHz up to 70 kHz.


Sonotrodes: materials


Because of the high stresse a sonotrode is subjected to, it needs to be made of materials that have high strength and good acoustic properties (transmitting the ultrasonic energy efficiently).

  • Steel alloy sonotrodes are among the lowest strength horns. D2 Steel alloys are normally used (e.g. Bohler grades KNL 105 & 110).
  • Aluminium alloy sonotrodes are stronger. Grades 2024, 6061 and 7075 are popularly used. T6 annealing is recommended.
  • Titanium alloy sonotrodes are the strongest. Grades 6-4 and 7-4 are normally used for ultrasonic applications.


Thanks to the great strenght/price ratio, aluminium is the mainly used material.
It can be chrome or nickel plated, anodised or even carbide faced, if desired, to minimise wear when welding glass filled plastics.


If you have additional questions about our ultrasonic sonotrode, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also learn more by browsing our site, where you will find a presentation of our product range and research. Fill out the contact form


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