Ultrasonic sewing machine


Ultrasonic sewing machine

Ultrasonic sewing machine


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An ultrasonic sewing machine is versatile and easy to use in order to seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss, or to cut and seal at the same time. The process used by every ultrasonic sewing machine is fast, simple and efficient. It can seal up to 80 meters per minute without the need for threads nor needles.
Due to the adaptability of its design, it is possible to mount the sewing machine on a workbench or to install it into semi or fully automated systems.

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Using an ultrasonic sewing machine brings forth a series of advantages:

  • Fast and cost-effective weaving;
  • Resilient seams;
  • No need for consumables such as tape, clips or glue;
  • Constant results;No cooling times and reduced maintenance costs;
  • No shooting time for the stapler tool;
  • No need for needles, thread, spools and any activities related to color matching, inventories, winding and trimming;
  • Evironmentally-friendly because it does not need any adhesives and solvents;
  • Edges get sealed without leaving any stitch holes, thus preventing penetration from chemical agents, bloodborne pathogens and other particles.

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Fields that employ ultrasonic sewing machines

Because this technology is so adaptable, most of the production work made with a sewing machine consists in seam welding, with a static or rotary sonotrode, identifying the right pattern with the counter wheel in order to get the desired capacity and aesthetics.

They are widely used in the following industries:

  • Sports apparel;
  • Sun screening drapes;
  • Technical fabrics;
  • Nonwovens;
  • Automotive parts.

Using an ultrasonic sewing machine offers other benefits, like the continuous mode in which materials are put under static or rotating sonotrodes.
Clients pick the configuration according to their needs. Our technical department will evaluate the type of the fabric and its thickness.


Further information about ultrasonic sewing machines

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Find out more about ultrasonic sewing activities by browsing our site. Here you can find a presentation and specifications about our entire product range. You can also contact us directly. Our experienced staff will gladly clear any doubt you may have.

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Synthetic Fabrics Weaving 

Solutions for weaving 100% synthetic or blended fabrics.

Ultrasonic Sweing Machine

This process is versatile – allowing users to seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss and seal simultaneously.

Synthetic Film and Fabric Welding

Applications for non-woven, packaging and textiles in the clothing industry.

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Hand-held ultrasonic welder

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Ultrasonic hermetic welding

Friction generates localized heat due to the molecular movement of two plastic film pieces at the vibrating sonotrode’s contact area.



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