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Ultrasonic sealing films and fabrics


Ultrasonic welding of plastic film

Ultrasonic welding of plastic film.


Ultrasonic cutter for acrylics, PVC, screen and polyester

Ultrasonic cutter for acrylics, PVC, screen and polyester.


Ultrasonic slitter for ultrasonic slitting & edge sealing and selvedge cutter

Ultrasonic slitter for ultrasonic slitting & edge sealing and selvedge cutter


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Ultrasonic sealing films and fabrics: finds application in the apparel, non-woven, packaging and textiles industries.
The materials may be 100% synthetic, or fibre blends with up to 35% non- thermoplastic fibre content.

Materials which can be processed are polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, rigid thermoplastics, thermoplastic polyurethane, some vinyls and thermoplastic coated foils and papers.


Ultrasonic welding modes

Three modes of ultrasonic welding film are possible - Continuous, Plunge and Traversing. 


In the continuous mode the material is moved between a stationary ultrasonic horn and a rotating patterned anvil (generally in apparel & textile applications) to seal or cut and seal long lengths. 
E.g.: Lace making machines.


In the plunge mode , the stationary material is in contact with the ultrasonic horn (often with a cutting-edge and welding face) coming down under pressure to cut a specific profile and seal it all along its edge (as in blister packaging, tube sealing, filter pads etc).


In the traversing mode , the ultrasonic horn traverses the weld area, while the material remains stationary. Using appropriate toolings, materials can be bonded together, or slit.

Ultrasonic bonding uses no consumable, and it is energy efficient, compared to thermal bonding.
In ultrasonic slitting, the edges seal simultaneously too; this is beneficial for woven fabrics (prevents unraveling), while at the same time, the selve edge build-up is eliminated. Speed of operation is a significant advantage.
There is little or no downtime.


Learn more about ultrasonic cutting & sealing and Sonic Italia


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Nonwovens ultrasonic welding
Ultrasonic welding solutions for welding non-woven fabrics. Materials can be 100% acrylics or blends.

Plastic assembly systems
Ultrasonic plastic assembly is used when  high aesthetic quality and high production speed are required.

Ultrasonic bonding
Customized ultrasonic bonding solutions for synthetic fabrics and non-wovens.

Ultrasonic cutting
Sonic Italia manufactures up to date machines for ultrasonic cutting of thermoplastic materials.

Ultrasonic food cutting
Ultrasonic blades suitable for almost all kind of food cutting with different frequencies.

Ultrasonic sealing
Ultrasonic technology generates the heat for a friction process and for sealing process from within the plastic film.

Ultrasonic sewing machine
The ultrasonic process is versatile - you can seam, cut, slit, trim, tack, emboss, or cut and seal simultaneously. 

Ultrasonic slicer
Ultrasonic cutting systems integrated in automatic or semi automatic slicers.

Ultrasonic slitting
Ultrasonic slitting is the most efficient solution for a clean cut which prevents unraveling.

Ultrasonic tools
Ultrasonic tools for customised solutions for cutting and welding.

Ultrasonic welding
Sonic Italia produces ultrasonic machines for welding thermoplastics, which can be applied in several industries.

Hand-held Ultrasonic Welder
Manual ultrasonic cutting and welding solution for manual cutting and spot welding.

Manure Belt Welder
Discover more about our manual ultrasonic welder designed for manure and egg conveyor belts.

Ultrasonic cutting sealing films fabrics
Ultrasonic sealing of films and fabrics: applications in clothing industry, non-woven, packaging and textile.

Ultrasonic Insertion
Ultrasonic insertion of a threaded brass rivet  in a plastic component.

Ultrasonic blades
Sonic Italia internally produces the ultrasonic blades with different shapes and designs.

Ultrasonic Linear Circular Weaving Cutter
Ultrasonic linear and weaving cutter. Ideal for manufacturing rafia products.

Ultrasonic Punching
Ultrasonic punching solutions for plastic, acrylics and filtration fabrics.

Ultrasonic Rotative Bonding System For Pleated Filters
The rotary bonding system designed for pleated filters is "green" because it does not require the use of solvents or adhesives.

Ultrasonic Sonotrode
Ultrasonic sontorodes: thirty years' experience in manufacturing customized sonotrode.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding
Ultrasonic spot welding is possible both in automations and manually.

Ultrasonic Stud Welding
Ultrasonic Stud Welding is the suggested option when similar plastics parts need to be welded at single or multiple localised points.


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