Food Cutting with Ultrasonics


Ultrasonic blade slicing wet suger dough

Ultrasonic cutter for food


Ultrasonic blades and automatic slicer

Ultrasonic blades and automatic slicer


Ultrasonic slicer for round cheese

Ultrasonic slicer for round cheese




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Food cutting with ultrasonics guarantees utmost speed and efficiency even with food products that prove to be difficult to process. Discover all the different available possibilities that food cutting with ultrasonics can provide. Our ultrasonic blades perform a clean, precise cut for foods like cakes, cereal and chocolate bars, cheeses, pizza and bread dough, candy and gelatine. 

This technology performs a neat cut for multilayered food products. This produces a remarkable visual appeal as well as less hindrance for subsequent packaging operations. 

Foods with fillings such as nuts and raisins are sliced in a precise manner and show less imperfections than traditional food cutting methods. 

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Ultrasonics can be employed to give mould food and give it a specific shape. 

Some of its most evident advantages are less food residue at the cutting surface and drastically reduced blade-cleaning times.

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Benefits of food cutting with ultrasonics

  • The ultrasonics emanated from the vibrating unit to the blade reduce or eliminate food residues that may stick to it;
  • Less downtime caused by cleaning the blades;
  • Flawless aesthetic results after cutting;
  • Minimal or non-existent spots or damages to the final food product;
  • Wider cutting temperature range;
  • Drastic cutting force reduction;
  • It goes through solid food ingredients such as nuts, raisins and chocolate chips without moving them;
  • Multi-layered food specialties like nougat or sandwiches can be portioned without moving their contents;
  • Better results than traditional methods slicing delicate foods, i.e. hard or crumbled cheeses and chocolate.

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More information about food cutting processes

Sonic Italia develops customized and turnkey solutions for the most important manufacturers in the food industry. Our machinery is specially designed to achieve utmost efficiency and higher productivity.  We also provide extensive customer support during the sales and aftersales stages.

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