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STRXD 20 is a digital ultrasonic press 20 kHz


Technical details :

Frequency : 20 kHz
Power : from 1000 to 4000 W
Dimensions : 660 x 525 x h127 mm
Weight : 94 Kg

Description :

The ultrasonic press model STRXD20   with 20 kHz frequency has variable power from 1000 to 4000 W .

For this reason, it is idea to weld big plastic components, supporting big sonotrodes made of titanium , steel or aluminium .

The ultrasonic press STRXD20 allows welding a plastic component thanks to an operator for the loading and unloading process and quality control. 


Moreover, the welding operation takes in a very short time and without releasing heat or toxic fumes , and it allows to have big productive quantities even with just one press.


The modular pneumatic system with its column, are mainly used for an easy installation in specific areas on automatic implants .

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