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Ultrasonic manual structure for spot welding 35 kHz


Weight : around 2 kg


Ultrasonic manual device developed by Sonic Italia .


The manual stapler is ideal for spot welding applications on multi-layer acrylics , and it can weld up to two layers, 650 GSM each.


In particular, this product is developed for spot welding operations on upholstery layers of the innerspring for mattresses


The integrated cooling system is placed directly on the anvil and it is developed in order to reduce the cooling time of the layers during the welding process, increasing, in this way, also its performance and speed.


It is composed of a 35 kHz transducer with a titanium knurled sonotrode anvil

The product also has a blocking plank placed between anvil and piston: in this way the depth of welding is limited and it assures not to touch the springs.


The manual system is directly linked to a state-of-the-art, digital ultrasonic generator which allows to set the welding parameters according to the product to be welded, thanks to the timer or energy supplied functions. 

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